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About Us

The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad ran 15,512 calls in 2020.

Who are we?

  • The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is made up of about 175 dedicated volunteer operational and administrative members.
  • We serve a Virginia Beach population of 440,000 residents and 2.8 million tourists.
  • We have provided free pre-hospital emergency care since 1952.
  • With VBVRS crews running out of our two stations and others, we responded to about 15,512 calls in 2020, which is about one-third of all calls in the city.
  • We donate over 45,000 hours of community service. Every year.
  • Along with our sister squads, our volunteer efforts save the taxpayers of Virginia Beach more than $24 million. Again, every year.

Our Mission Statement: As members of the all-volunteer Virginia Beach Rescue Squad, Inc., we dedicate our efforts to saving lives, delivering quality emergency medical services and providing community education and safety.

Our mission is carried out by emphasizing:

Reliable service
Quality training
Cooperative alliances
Community awareness

The success of our mission is dependent upon:

Committed leadership and membership
Public and private investment
Continuous education
State-of-the-art equipment

Standby Events

While the majority of our time is spent on duty responding to 911 calls, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve the community through standby events.

“Standbys” are often events that require an EMS presence for the safety of the participants, but our members also enjoy going to group meetings (good examples include Scouts, school classes, and community get-togethers) to provide education about pre-hospital medical care and how the average citizen can help. Donations are always accepted for the time our volunteers spend.

Our desire to provide our pre-hospital expertise is all-encompassing. Annual activities include everything from manning ambulances at the Hunt Club Farm’s Haunted Halloween event to coordinating the rapid response teams and transport vehicles for many of the races and festivals in Virginia Beach, and much more.

In addition to the standbys we take care of regularly, we love getting to meet members of the community at events such as the Red, White, and Blue Youth Fishing Experience for middle schoolers; Monsters on the Beach; and ultimate fighting expos (to name a few). Our members’ dedication and willingness to go above and beyond is what sets VBVRS apart, so if you are interested in having our squad keep you and your guests safe at your next event, email specialevents.team@vbvrs.org for more information.

Picture us on duty, helping others. And off duty, forming bonds.

We’re a tight-knit squad. Naturally, when you work in life-and-death situations, you form a strong bond. There’s also a wonderful feeling you share with fellow members when you are able to help someone on, perhaps, one of their worst days. That friendship spills over into having fun, whether we’re fundraising for our squad or socializing with family members. Enjoy.

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