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On Friday, March 17th, the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad responded to a 911 call from my home and transported me safely to Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital. I had suffered a cardiac arrest and had to have a pacemaker implanted in my chest the following Monday. I have no doubt in my mind that the prompt, professional and caring service that I received from this group of dedicated people saved my life.

We shall be forever grateful for your efforts.

Robert and Phyllis M.

You transported our mother/grandmother/great grandmother to Sentara Princess Anne after she suffered a small stroke.

Your crew was very sympathetic and personable and we appreciate all that they did for her.

This is to thank the volunteers who came Saturday AM during the blizzard to answer our call for my husband who fell and required hospitalization.

You are always available and ready to help when needed.

Thank you! You are appreciated!
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H.

I was transported from my physician’s office to Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital and had the pleasure of meeting – and being cared for by – three of your volunteers, Jacki, Amber, and Jonathan. The service was so personal and professional! Please commend them and thank them for me.

I have known from others of your excellent volunteerism, but I had not had the chance to experience it first-hand. If ever I need emergency transportation, I will certainly call VBVRS and will recommend you to others.

With my heartfelt appreciation for your benevolence and very best wishes for your continued success,

Patricia E.

Years ago you helped my mom a few times, when she couldn’t breathe. I remember once when she had been released from the hospital to home maybe too soon. We said, ‘We’ll call the ambulance,’ when she was struggling again to breathe. She started crying and said ‘They won’t come again, we can’t ask them to come again.’ But we called, and you came, to help, reassure, take her back to the hospital safely. You were so kind.

Our family will never forget. Thank you.

We are THANKFUL for you!
Because of your quick response, we are able to spend the holidays with our son. Our community is lucky for people like you all!

Thank you!
Camden’s grateful family

We were on vacation when my husband hurt his back. No one budgets for this type of event. It was quite the surprise when you told us there was no charge for the ambulance. Thank you.

We want to thank you for your service to the citizens of Virginia Beach and especially to us. When my husband had a stroke and I called 911, you were at our home in a matter of minutes. You will never know the relief and gratitude I felt when you came through our front door and in no time had my husband on the way to the hospital!

Our lives have changed so much since my husband’s stroke. We also have a home in Wakefield, Virginia where I grew up and where we have spent much of our time for the past many years. However, my husband hesitates to go back there for any length of time because he says, “I want to now be near to the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad!” Yes, there is a rescue squad in Waverly and Ivor; however, we know the time frame of them getting to our home in Wakefield could mean serious consequences for either or both of us should we need help.

The service you provide is exceptional and caring and I hope the citizens of this city will recognize and realize how much you do for all of us. There is none other like you!

In grateful gratitude,
Sue G.

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