Life Members & Past Captains/Chiefs | Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

Life Members & Past Captains/Chiefs

Life Members

Peter Agelasto
Norvel Allen, Jr., Past Captain
Teresa Ashcraft
Erol Aydar
B. Michael Barner
Ron Bauman
Susan Bauman
David Baust
Drewry Beasley, Past Captain
Andrew Bedinger
L. Scott Bradley
Robert Braithwaite
Patricia (Holbrook) Bright
Clay Camp
Clara Capps
Matt Chiaradia, Chief
Wallace Ching
Susan Cotten
David Couch
Shirley Cox
Nancy Crain
James Cromwell
Cliff Cutchins
John Doub
Richard Doub
Marge Drewry
Jack Dye
Courtney Dyer
William Eagan
Phillip East
Diana Elliott
Keith Eubank
Paul Feakins
Rick Flack, Past Captain
Leigh Forbes, Jr.
Ray Ford, Jr.
Ray Ford, Sr.
Tex Ford
Doris Foster
Troy Gaudino
Bob Giesen
Tom Gill
Virginia Gilpin, Past Captain
Robert Glover, Past Captain
Donna Glover
Bill Graves
Sylvia Gray
Michael Gray
Fred Greene
Charlie Gurley

Lisa Hamaker
Tom Harp, Past Captain
Don Harris
Jim Heartwell
Michael Hendren
Robert Hill
Gary Hoffman, Past Captain
Linda Hoffman
William Holland
Dave Hyllberg
J.R. Inman
John Irish
Judy Jackson
Christopher Jacobs
Scott Kalis
F. Patrick Kavanaugh, Jr., Past Captain
Dennis Keane
Leslie Keck
Francis Keefer
Jimmy Kellam, Past Captain
Sturgis Kidder
Bill Kiley
Dan Kiley, Past Captain
Michael Lapinski
James Leach IV, Past Captain
Jim Long, III
Stephanie Krebs Louka
Julie MacKinlay
Rich Maguire
Herbert Maher
George Marshall
Stewart Martin, Past Captain
Kevin Martingayle
Dave Mathews
Ellen McBride, Past Chief
James McDonald
Jenni McFarland
Mary-Ellen McLean
Joseph Midgette
Emily Mills
Patricia Montes
Barbara Moore
Ann Morse
Jack Murray
Mike Mui
Nena Nerino
John Neumayer, Past Chief
Jim Obal, Advisor Emeritus
B. Warren Pechan, Advisor Emeritus
Tony Pirrone

E. Randy Pugh, Past Captain
Lorna Ramsey
Alfred Randolph
Blair Ray
Richard Ray
Diane Reid
John Richardson
Robert Rodriguez
Vaughn Roeder
Mike Rogers
Stephen Ross, Past Captain
Clarke Russ
Rebecca Rydberg
Brad Sauer
Timothy Schatti
Kitty Schaum
Rick Schoew
Pete Seidler
Kathleen Shaw
Sherry Shults
Jeff Smith
Leslie Smith
Travis Smith, Past Chief
Suzanne Sofield
Arthur Stallings
Marge Standing
Fred Steele III
Janet Stinson
Meade Stone
William Streeter
Bonner Styles
Anne Svejda
Danielle Tejchman
Matthew Temme
Paul Thatcher
Sharon (Hawkins) Thompson
Lois Turnbull
Roy Tydings
Fred Twyman, Past Captain
Wendell Vanhouton
Donald Washburn
Roy White, Past Captain
Ira Whitehurst
David Whitley, Past Captain
Jean Wilhoit
Kathy Woodhouse
Pearl Wray
Ronnie Yancey
Walt Yancey
Margaret Zontini

Past Captains/Chiefs

Matt Vest (2024)
Matt Chiaradia (2022-2023)
John Neumayer (2020-2021)
Travis Smith (2018-2019)
John Doub (2016-2017)
Ellen M. McBride (2014-2015)
Roy White (2012-2013)
Thomas L. Harp, Jr. (2009-2011)
C. David Whitley (1988, 2000-2001, 2007-2008)
Gary Hoffman (2006)
P. Richard Flack (2005)
James A. Leach IV (2003-2004)
Stephen H. Ross (2002)
Ernest Norvel Allen, Jr. (1998-1999)
James G. Kellam, Jr. (1997 for 6 months)
Robert L. Glover, Jr. (1987, 1992, 1997 for 6 months)
Daniel S. Kiley (1990-1991, 1996)
Stewart Martin, M.D. (1994-1995)
F. Patrick Kavanaugh, Jr. (1993)
E. Sidney Duval (1986, 1989)
Ellis J. Mills (1985)
Virginia E. Gilpin (1983-1984)

D. Wilmot Owens (1977, 1982)
David Weeks (1981)
E. Randolph “Randy” Pugh (1979-1980)
Keith G. Riley (1978)
Charles D. Meachum (1975-1976)
C. Talbott Dickson (1968-1969, 1971, 1974)
Frederick W. Twyman III (1972-1973)
Ned Langhorne (1960, 1970)
Clinton J. Carpenter (1967)
W. MacKenzie Jenkins, Jr. (1966)
William H. Phillips (1965)
Lannie “Bunny” Woolford (1964)
Marvin Hines (1963)
Drewry W. Beasley, Jr. (1962)
A. B. Midgett (1961)
Ralph R. McChesney (1958-1959)
Charles S. Kiley (1957)
William K. McDonald (1956)
Samuel C. Foote (1955)
Claude N. Edwards (1954)
David N. Stormont III (1953)
J. Peter Holland III (1952)

Honorary Members

William D. Sessoms
Bethann Lawson
Jim Cervera


Scott Folck
Norman Zwhalen

Jeff Smith, M.D.
Edgar MacKinlay

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