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Our Dedicated Members

We simply couldn't do what we do without the generous commitment of our dedicated members.

To serve almost half a million residents of Virginia Beach and almost three million visitors with professional-quality, pre-hospital emergency care for free, we need the complete dedication and hard work of all our members.

VBVRS operational members, from EMT to paramedic, commit to the same training and certifications as professionals. They agree to serve 48 hours a month, usually broken up in four 12-hour duties.

VBVRS support members commit to serving 12 hours a month in different capacities, including office, facility, fund drive, and special event work.

While you’re at it, check out our Life Members, Past Commanders and Honorary Members.

If you’re at least 18 years old and interested in joining us, the proud men and women of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, click here.

Executive Board

Matt Vest, Chief
Adam Harris, Operations Captain
Valerie Vagts, Administration Captain

Glenn Ahava, Secretary
Walt Yancey, Treasurer
Lisa Kanopka, Member at Large

Judy Haynes, Member at Large
Bob Corra, Member at Large
Tom Harp, Advisory Chair

Chief Officers

Pete Seidler, Parliamentarian
Alan Waters, Safety Officer
TBD, Rescue Council Representatives
Travis Smith,  IT Manager

Administrative Officers

TBD, Deputy of Administration
Amy Saunders, Records Coordinator
Jenni McFarland Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
Brian Abeyta, Community CPR Coordinator

Addison Blackwell, Newsletter Editor
Lisa Kanopka, Social Media & Branding Coordinator
Dave Mathews, Facilities Officer
TBD, Social Event Coordinator

Jim Obal, Honor Guard
Ronnie Yancey, Chaplain
Emily Mills, Support Member Coordinator
Rebecca Wood, Uniforms Coordinator

Operational Officers

Venesa Walker, Deputy of Operations
Stella Salyer, Equipment Lt.
Brian Abeyta, Training Lt.

TBD, Supply Lt.
Rob Muhly, Maintenance Lt.
TBD, Special Events

Rob Muhly, Logistics
Andrew Rosenblum, Scheduling Lt.

Treasurer Officers

TBD, Grants Coordinator
TBD, Fund Drive Coordinator
TBD, Audit Committee

Secretary Officers

Doris Foster, Awards Coordinator
Peter Holland, Historian
TBD, Longevity Coordinator

Current Advisors

Tom Harp, Chairman
John Richardson, Legal Advisor

Cliff Cutchins, Member-at-Large
Rick Schoew, Vice Chairman

Christopher Jacobs, Member-at-Large

Advisor Emeritus

Lannie “Bunny” Woolford
Dr. N. Turner Gray

Dr. Warren Pechan
Jim Obal

Current Support Members and Volunteers

Brian Abeyta
Susan Bauman
Ron Bauman
Tija Begovic
Rosser Bobbitt
Donald Bresnahan
Leif Carson
Mary Casper
Anastarshia Colbert
Tori Dupert
Paul Feakins
Rick Flack
Ray Ford, Sr.
Doris Foster
Troy Gaudino
Bill Graves

Melinda Griggs
Thomas Gross
Charlie Gurley
Bobby Hill
Gary Hoffman, Past Chief
Linda Hoffman
Peter Holland
Joan Jaser
Sturgis Kidder
Janet Levin
Amy Lutz-Sexton
Rich Maguire
Dave Mathews
Lee McCardell
Mary-Ellen McLean
Emily Mills
Nena Nerino

Blair Whitley Ray
Elizabeth Rogers
Brad Sauer
Travis Smith, Past Chief
Suzanne Sofield
Marge Standing
Andrea Tembruell
Diane Van Campen
Skye Westmoreland
Ira Whitehurst
Rebecca Wood
Walt Yancey

Current Operational Members

Cheandri Ackermann
Jay Agnew
Glenn Ahava
Laurent Andre
Erol Aydar
Ivan Babkov
Brianna Baldwin
Drew Barner
Christian Bass
Addison Blackwell
Michaela Bonner
Abreionah Brown
Austin Brown
Liamarie Buccellato
Shane Bullock
Joanna Camacho
Zach Campbell
Kathleen Cashdollar
Fenny Chaudhary
Gabriel Chester
Matt Chiaradia
Donald Clark
Rebecca Colbert
Bob Corra
Brooke Cox
Jim Cromwell
Tierney Day
James DeMersseman
Michael Dempich
Veronika Domnissey
Erika Dopson
John Doub, Past Chief
Richard Doub
Shaine Eden
Jordan Epping
Ryley Escobar
Elizabeth Firestone
Megan Flannery
Hunter Gibboney
Dulcie Grabarczyk
Drew Grehan

Tiffany Guilloud
James Troy Hall
Kelly Ham
Adam Harris
Judy Haynes
Colton Higley
Sarah Ho
Abby Hoobler
Kelsey Hottle
Emily Huffman
Michael Jedrykowski
Caitlin Jefferson
Kristen Joynt
Hannah Jung
Lisa Kanopka
Lily Kauffman
Zachary Kitts
Hayley Kline
David Klinetop
Jacob Knapp
Jordan Laser
Helena Lavin
Jay Leach IV, Past Captain
Jillian Levin
Kevin Lyles
Ellen McBride, Past Chief
Christine McDermott
Jenni McFarland
Stephanie McKinney
William McRoberts
Kerri Miller
Frank Minkewicz
Hunter Mitchell
Asante Mitchell
Aaron Morse
Robert Muhly
Mike Mui
John Neumayer, Past Chief
Evan Old
Malanie Ostrum
Mackenzie Peeke
Trinity Penny


Paul Pflueger
Austin Phillips
Tony Pirrone
Maria Platon
Brendan Powers
Lorenzo Purificacion
Maria Rodrigues
Cutter Romano
Shanna Rone
Andrew Rosenblum
Nicholas Ruszak
Stella Salyer
Jarena Sampson
Robert Samuel
Pete Seidler
Michael Brennan Shields
Sherry Shults
Leslie Smith
Jordan Strawbridge
Sydney Strawbridge
James Strickland
Noah Tucker
Roy Tydings
Daniel Unger
Valerie Vagts
Daniel VanOrman
Matt Vest
Katya Vinokuroff
Kelly Wahrenburg
Venesa Walker
Alan Walters
Tyler Ward
Mark Westmoreland
Roy White, Jr., Past Chief
Kelsey Whitus
Emily Widgeon
Logan Williams
Desmond Williams
Nicole Williams
Alex Witte
Joseph Yarbrough

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