Terms & Conditions | Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

Terms & Conditions

We are happy to be able to extend this benefit to our community.

That said, Meeting Rooms can only be used for training sessions and non-profit community groups that meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  • Reservations are limited to once-a-month use.
  • The group cannot be connected to any income-generating activity.
  • The event cannot involve alcohol, animals or any other hazardous activity.
  • The group is community-based (i.e. is not for personal use).
  • The group has no religious affiliation.

Note: Only active squad members, Life members or those at the invitation of the Chief can use rooms for personal activities, abiding by the guidelines above.

Room Use Guidelines

  • The group using the meeting room must do set-up and breakdown of all tables/chairs themselves.
  • The group using the meeting room must leave the room clean.
  • The group is limited to using the meeting room and restrooms only. The group is not authorized to use the kitchen or any other area in the station per our insurance restrictions.
  • Doors cannot be propped open for any reason.
  • Do not stand on the tables or chairs, and do not lean back on two legs when sitting in the chairs.

I acknowledge and agree to the Room Use Guidelines for the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad facilities and understand I can be held liable for any damages.

The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad reserves the right to refuse the use of our facility to anyone for any reason.

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